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Is WordPress Killing Web Developers?

I think not. Once, people start using WordPress, they will immediately see that WordPress is working in tandem with web designers, rather than against them

What is WordPress used for?

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS). It’s the most popular tool for individuals without any coding experience who want to build websites and blogs. It’s a free software and doesn’t cost anything. Anyone can install, use, and modify it for free.

Advantages Of WordPess
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WordPress has brought millions of people, businesses, etc. onto the internet who would have otherwise been put off if they either had to develop a website themselves or to hire a web developer to develop a simple website for them, just to have an online presence.

At present, with WordPress, web developers can focus their skills on improving the caliber of websites that are available.

How WordPress helps in web development?

WordPress is more than just a blogging platform.

WordPress has positively altered the web. It has forced other websites to be more user-friendly, more dynamic.

In addition to its powerful content management system (CMS), WordPress has a range of other features that make it an ideal choice for web developers.

For one thing, WordPress is highly customizable and offers a ton of flexibility when it comes to designing and developing websites.

There are also many plug-ins available that helps developers to add advanced functionality without having to write any code themselves.

Most importantly, WordPress is easily integrated with social media platforms, making it easier than ever to promote new sites and connect with potential customers.

Whether someone’s looking to build a simple landing page or a high-functioning website, WordPress is the perfect tool for the job.

WordPress supports e-commerce Platforms

WordPress is robust enough to support e-commerce and presentational websites while remaining simple enough that someone with minimal experience can install it. Because of its strengths and weaknesses, it has become one of the most popular website creation platforms.

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Web developers, themes and plugins

While a user may be able to install WordPress, they may not be able to solve issues such as a broken theme or plugin. This creates opportunities for web developers to jump in. The lack of knowledge and experience by the client is just another way for a good web developer to pick up the work and gives them purpose.

WordPress users who don’t know how to create a new plugin rely on developed ones. So, these plugins had to be made by someone, those who make plugins are web developers. This applies to themes as well. Themes also had to be developed by someone with experience.

There are tons of beautiful and responsive themes and plugins, developed by web developers.

But, becoming a WordPress developer is not an easy task. One will have to master skills like PHPHTMLCSSBootstrapJavaScriptjQuery, etc.

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So in reality WordPress is creating more web development, not killing it. While there are developers out there who may hate or dislike the WordPress system, I can guarantee it is one of the most stable platforms that exist on the market.
WordPress has its own mini markets :
  • themes
  • plugins
  • updates
  • improvements

These markets enables web developers broaden from just WordPress to helping clients with themes or plugins or updates. They have created markets in which there are large number of developers making products for these markets.

Most popular example of this would be something like Woocommerce Platform which started with a business called WooThemes which made Woocommerce. These developers created a product that took off. Years later this product is now one of the biggest parts of WordPress.

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Another example would be Elegant Themes which created premium themes for WordPress and then created the Divi page builder. Divi is now one of the top page builders on the market for creating your own website. Both clients and developers use this framework to make a living doing web design and supporting businesses.

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We must expand our mind into thinking about the more complex things that WordPress offers to web development. It is much more than someone might consider when he/she look at it from the standpoint it’s just WordPress. WordPress has spawned so many mini markets that developers are being created every day for specific jobs that involve certain plugins or themes which blew up.


In reality, WordPress is promoting online development rather than killing it. While some developers may dislike WordPress, I think that it is one of the most stable platforms available. You will always need experienced web developers for something complicated, that you can not fix or develop by yourself.

As WordPress keeps on growing and evolving, despite some are saying that WordPress is dead, the demand for new developers will increase. Therefore there will be a need for new themes and plugins, which require developers to work on them.