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How to Migrate Posts/Pages Between WordPress Websites

There are times when we need to migrate content from one WordPress website to another. The reasons for doing this can be because we want to run a less popular site for a specific purpose, or we want to run short-term marketing campaigns on a new website. Whatever the reason, it’s not an easy task, but it can be done using the right tools.

With the help of a WordPress feature, it is possible to migrate articles and pages without copying any other content. This is especially helpful when manually moving a website to WP Engine or merging two WordPress sites.

Without having to reimport the database, you can easily sync new posts and pages with WordPress’ built-in import/export feature. Despite the fact that the export will include every post and page, no duplicate content will be produced; only new posts and pages will be.

Steps To Learn:

Export Content

The initial part of the process is exporting the appropriate content, which may be done using tools found inside WordPress. Make sure to export content from the website you wish to copy your posts and pages from.


  1. Access the source site’s wp-admin by logging in.
  2. Hover over Tools
  3. Click Export
  4. Choose what to export
    – Remember that featured photos won’t be transferred over if you opt to export posts solely; they will need to be manually imported once again on the target site.
  5. Click on the Download Export File button
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Import Content

You must accurately export the required content before you may import. Before continuing, you should have a file that you want to import downloaded from the previous step.

Make sure to complete this step on the website where you wish to replicate the posts and pages.


  1. Access the source site’s wp-admin by logging in.
  2. Hover over Tools
  3. Click Import
  4. Click WordPress
  5. Click Install Now and/or Run Importer
    -If you do not have the WordPress importer installed, you will see a prompt to install the plugin and must do so before continuing
  6. Locate the source site’s exported XML file on your computer, then pick it.
  7. Click Upload File and Import
  8. Choose the user name who will be in charge of writing the posts and pages.
  9. (Optional) Download and import file attachments
    • Check this box to import photos and other media files attached to the post
  10. Click Submit
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Upload and Import Button | Rohan Babbar
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We hope you enjoyed our article on how to migrate posts and pages between WordPress websites. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us. We are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this!